I have attended many yoga classes with several different instructors over the years. I confess that I tended to think of these as an opportunity to stretch my body in a healthy way; though we would always receive instructions to only do poses that were comfortable, I would often let my competitive spirit overrule good judgement. The result was not only an achy muscle here and there but a disappointment in myself. Then, I began practicing yoga with Katherine. Her gentle, personal approach helped me to see (and reap) the benefits of paying attention to the effect of breathing, of being in touch, and of setting intentions with each practice. I am grateful.
Judy Donaher, RN
Home visiting nurse for high risk mothers and babies


A talented woman with strong, well trained hands along with a gentle heart and spirit-that sums out my view of Katherine Mahon Homes. My visits for a massage vary with my bodies needs. As someone with a neuromuscular condition a massage is not only affirming and relaxing, they are a part of my healing and pain control.
I fully recommend massage as a part of everyone’s health care regimen, and specifically Katherine as she tailors her technique to each individuals needs. Whether a quick chair massage, or a 90 minute full massage you will leave refreshed, renewed, and with an experienced and compassionate member in you wellness team.
– Susan Brainerd McNerney, BS, MS Counseling Psychology


Wonderful relaxation and rushes of energy! -A. O’Brien

great energy and bodywork. My neck pain was seriously diminished after the massage. -Rhiannon Hampson