Healing Retreat – June 27th

Loss has been part of life since the beginning of time. It happens in nature with the seasons, animals, and natural disasters. The process of working with grief and the aspects of grief, gives one the opportunity to understand that there is a natural and normal healing process. It is an individual process with no time constraints. You don’t have to “get over it” and giving yourself permission to feel the phases as they ebb in and out of your emotional world allows you to heal and become conscious and aware. Giving yourself permission to heal can help become your motivation for self-realization and gratitude.   ~Ted Wiard, LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) and CGC (Certified Grief Counselor)

Journey into your grief within the sanctuary of deep forest trails and winding shorelines leading the way. Processing grief in community allows one to feel supported and connected along the inner paths to healing. Facilitators will guide the group through meditation yoga & movement creative writing, sharing circles, and hikes into the surrounding nature of Roque Bluffs State Park. Individual massage/Reiki sessions and a nourishing lunch will be included.  Please email Annablash@gmail.com for a list of items you’ll need to bring to the workshop.

June 27 – 9 am – 4:30 pm –  Cost: $35
Roque Bluffs Community Center

Register by June 13btn_paynowCC_LGOr call 263-5057