I messaged Mathy to say “Please don’t nominate me”.

So there’s a challenge to raise awareness of the fact that 22 Veterens a day commit suicide by completing 22 push ups for 3 weeks. I can’t do 22 in a row without pausing…several times. I did a round just to see what I can do. At 10 I needed to physically pause. At 15 I needed to pause again, and thought, “Yep, this is also Veteren #15 out there somewhere comitting suicide. That’s a lot of push ups for me and too many suicides.

2 more. Rest. 2 more. Rest.
22 Veterens a day commit suicide. 22. A day. That’s crazy!

Last 2…I got up and told Mathy to go ahead a nominate me. It is the very least I can do to get out of my comfort zone to raise this awareness. 22. Maybe if enough people are nominated and doing push-ups, the number will decrease to zero.

So here’s the copy/paste explaination.

I normally avoid these challenges like the plague but after some convincing and thinking about how myself, my family, and close friends have been effected by these tragedies I figure if my annoying videos make you stop and think for a moment than, why not?! Here is day 3 Nominated by Brittany Robinson For the next 3 weeks you’ll see me doing 22 push-ups a day to raise awareness for veteran suicide and mental health issues such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury, depression and anxiety.
After today I nominate Katherine Mahon Holmes
If you accept, you start tomorrow! The rules are simple:
*Once you are nominated, your 22 days starts the following day.
*Everyday you record yourself doing 22 push-ups, try your best to reach 22. If that means doing assisted (from your knees) push-ups or that you stop and take a break, that’s fine but try to get them all done in one video.
*Everyday you must nominate a different person, try to choose people you think will want to do this and/or have the ability to do it.
*Post this message (or similar) everyday so those you choose to join in can do the same.
*And finally, have fun with this! This is simple and fun way to get the word out about a matter that more people need to be aware of.
It’s sad that so many people feel that suicide is the



Author: katherinemahonholmes

I love living in Maine. I love working as a Massage Therapist. I love being married, and being a mom to my grown children. I love believing in something greater than myself and exploring all the ways it shows up.

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