Solo Yoga Retreat

imageStopping for 2 days in Kennebunkport to visit with my college housemate from 25+ years ago, on my way south to Connecticut for the annual Mahon family picnic, I decided to do yoga on the beach while I was there. I hadn’t really planned on doing yoga. My mat happened to be in the car. When I was packing, I decided to leave it in the car, more because it was one less trip back in the house.

I thought it was interesting that I feel a little self conscious doing yoga in my own house as my husband and daughter do not do yoga. But on the beach, with strangers walkering by now and then, I had no problem. In fact it was liberating.

Sounds of seagulls and waves. The real deal. Not from a soundtrack. It was yoga heaven.


Day 3

Madison, CT

Lots of trees in my parents backyard made it easy to eventually challenge my balance in tree pose. I didn’t experience the best balance but it was fun to do. Again I was not at all self conscious as this is the home where I use to jog around the outside of the house being ear shot from my babies some 20+ years ago. My brother who was inside has seen me do lots of odd things that are normal because it’s me doing them.

For the rest of the day, I found my body wanting to stand in tree while talking with family. My balance was better. More relaxed.

Somthing else I noticed. Rubbery mats seem so silly in nature. Balancing poses absolutely need to be on the earth’s surface!

And then when I was all done, my reverence for my mat returned; its symbol of taking time to connect. I also love that it still holds sand from Goose Rocks Beach.


Day 4

While in cat pullingi its tail, a yin yoga pose that’s been a long time favorite, I had this thought while counting the last 60 seconds of the pose, I imagined it was the last 60 seconds of my life and how would I spend it in my mind–I decided to stay with the vision of orange and yellow, the colors of my sisters’ and my bedroom back in the ’70’s. That vision had a happy emotion attached to it. I thought I must remember to tell my sister she was part of my last 60 seconds on earth.

Tomorrow I’d like to get up at dawn and go to the beach with my mat.

Day 5

No Beach Yoga Day

Maybe tomorrow will be a yoga beach morning at sunrise. I had to pick up my car at the auto shop in town. Balance the tires. Balanced myself in tree and crane.

If you can make a commitment to be a little easier on yourself, you will enjoy your practice more. From Meditations from the Mat, daily reflections on the path to yoga

Day 6

imageIt’s raining. So no beach yoga again. And my mat is outside in the rain so this was my mat this morning. While in cat pulling its  tail, my body was twisted and partly under the coffee table. My mother thought I was my brother, who had fallen asleep on the couch last night after Hilary Clinton’s acceptance speech, guessing  he’d rolled off the couch and under the coffee table. Then she realized it was just me. 😊

We do not have to succumb to the tyranny of our own self-judgement. We can observe our reactions with saw arenas, and let them go. Over the years I’ve come to to realize that spiritual practice is not about locking up all the unruly aspects of myself, in the hope that they will ne ear get free. Spiritual practice is about turning on the light-and the light is love.–Meditations from the Mat, daily reflections on the path of yoga

Family picnic is tomorrow. I’d love to watch the sunrise on the beach before I go. We shall see!

Day 7

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

But I did get in a little yoga amidst the activity in the house. Enough to even have my son take some photos. We thought it was a hoot to get my brother smoking his morning cigarette in the shot.

Author: katherinemahonholmes

I love living in Maine. I love working as a Massage Therapist. I love being married, and being a mom to my grown children. I love believing in something greater than myself and exploring all the ways it shows up.

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