April Is Stress Awareness Month. How About A Massage?

imageIn today’s fast paced world, between the stress of careers, family and finances, its often hard to maintain a healthy well being.
Perhaps getting a regular massage is the key.
Massage therapy has been shown to significantly reduce physical and psychological levels of stress. Folks who have never had a massage may think it’s a luxury or something they can’t afford. But there are clever ways to make it beneficial and affordable.

Try achair massage! It’s very affordable and effective. I have many clients who receive a 15 to 20 minute chair massage in their office on a weekly basis to reduce physical and mental stress. It’s quick, they keep their cloths on, and they don’t have to think too much about making an appointment as I come in every week. It’s just a quick email to sign up.

A good majority of clients initially felt it was a luxury but now see it as an important stress reliever.

I also offer 30 minute table massages that are affordable for a weekly stress reliever. Just setting aside a half hour of quiet while getting the stress rubbed out may be all you need to reset.

You can also fill up a massage-card with 9 half hour appointments and receive 2 free.

There’s lots of ways to integrate massage into your personal wellness plan. I’m ready to serve you😊!

Author: katherinemahonholmes

I love living in Maine. I love working as a Massage Therapist. I love being married, and being a mom to my grown children. I love believing in something greater than myself and exploring all the ways it shows up.

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