A Little Trick to Finding Center

October 25th, 2015 .

imageIn meditation class this past Sunday, the Darma talk was dedicated to instruction on how to sit. It was a welcomed review and I learned a bit more. In yoga, both tadasana, or mountain pose, and the pose of sitting, sukasana, seem obvious. For years though, I knew I was missing something when encouraged to feel the soles of my feet solid to the floor, rooting to the earth. I couldn’t feel it. When I did begin to have the body awareness of the soles of my feet, a much deeper quality to mountain pose began to emerge. Same with sitting. The more the weight of the upper body is felt on the bones of the pelvis closest to the floor, the deeper is the sense of groundedness. Before you feel it, you may have an annoying wonder what the heck is groundedness anyway.

What I learned today was again, one of those subtle things that changes the quality of the experience. So, here it is:

To find your absolute center while seated, you simply begin swaying from the hips from left to right, creating an arc. Body weight swings from left to right. Then right to left, gradually making smaller arcs, until the arc is so small your trunk stops at the center. Your center.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just I’ve never done that to get centered in sukasana. It reminded me that it is often the subtle moments that add the richness to an experience. Lately, I have doubted myself in what I am capable of teaching. If what I have to share is even worth putting out there. When off center, its easy to think that. I think of how many years I was unsure of myself. It was a way of life really. Yoga and meditation, like a fog lifting, give me a sense of peace and okay-ness to be me. A subtle sihft that no one can see. Only I can feel the quality shift.

Author: katherinemahonholmes

I love living in Maine. I love working as a Massage Therapist. I love being married, and being a mom to my grown children. I love believing in something greater than myself and exploring all the ways it shows up.

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