Massage Therapy Services


Along with table massage, specialized modalities may be added.

  • Myofacial Release (MFR):  Hands-on gentle to firm pressure that softens restricted tissue, decreasing pain and increasing ease of movement.
  • Positional Therapy:  Limbs and head are positioned and held for 90 seconds to release muscle tension.
  • Doterra essential oil: Deep Blue for muscle aches as well as blends for specific needs.


Chair massage is a great way to receive the relaxing benefits of massage when time is limited. The chair is offered at offices and homes as well as my massage office.


Stretching and various pressures applied by hands, feet, and forearms are the hallmark of Thai Yoga Massage.  It feels as if you’ve received all the benefits of a yoga class with someone else moving and stretching you!


Massage throughout your pregnancy helps your body adjust with the development of your baby.  As laying face-down becomes less comfortable, a prego pillow is provided which takes pressure off the low back.


On vacation?

Prefer your massage in your home?

I’m happy to come to you!

Home visits are an additional $10 within a 30 mile radius of my office. $5 for every additional 10 miles within Washington County. Feel free to visit Hearts of Maine vacation rental properties to view the vacation homes and cottages I travel to!

GRIEF MASSAGEfh_092010_001

Grief at any stage  can be a time of rawness, vulnerability, and heart-brokenness. Our grieving bodies can feel broken too.

A loved ones death can trigger an increased stress response, resulting in a tense, sore body, and high levels of physical, mental. and emotional stress. Grief Massage is an extremely gentle massage experience devoted to providing warmth, comfort. and care for grieving people.  Typically done with clothes on, your face, head, arms, legs and back are stroked, rocked, and/or held.

“A talented woman with strong, well trained hands along with a gentle heart and spirit-that sums out my view of Katherine Mahon Homes. My visits for a massage vary with my bodies needs. As someone with a neuromuscular condition a massage is not only affirming and relaxing, they are a part of my healing and pain control.
I fully recommend massage as a part of everyone’s health care regimen, and specifically Katherine as she tailors her technique to each individuals needs. Whether a quick chair massage, or a 90 minute full massage you will leave refreshed, renewed, and with an experienced and compassionate member in you wellness team.”
– Susan Brainerd McNerney, BS, MS Counseling Psychology

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